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About Our Practice

We’re Kira Dorrian and Tracy Adams, Clinical Hypnotherapists bringing diverse backgrounds, training, and experience to our collaborative practice in Seattle. As co-founders of Seattle HypnoBirthing®,we are always engaged in working with families on conception, birth, and parenting, and in our extended private practice we each see clients for a wide range of issues such as hypnosis for anxiety, insomnia, confidence and motivation, sports and academic performance.

In addition, we’ve each developed specialties, with Kira providing her special expertise using hypnotherapy to resolve phobias and find freedom from habits like smoking or nail biting. Tracy specializes in hypnotherapy for weight loss and complementary medical hypnosis for issues like chronic pain, IBS, and improved memory.

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What Our Clients Say . . .

“I have been a nail biter my entire life, but now that I own my own business I was starting to feel self-conscious. Kira was able to get to the root of my nail-biting and suggest an alternative habit in only one session! I really couldn’t believe that one hour could change my life, but it did. I had never before considered hypnotherapy, but Kira is so thoughtful, friendly, and open that after meeting her a few times I knew I wanted to give it a try! I can’t recommend Kira more!” 

“I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade.  I’ve done extensive work that has helped me understand why I struggle in this way, but until meeting Tracy, I had not been able to make a shift towards actually changing the ongoing anxiety.  I came to Tracy wanting to work on what I believed to be a fundamental inability to ever truly relax.  After our very first session, I started noticing shifts not only in my awareness around relaxation but in supporting myself in ways that allowed relaxation to start happening. . . .”

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