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Kira Dorrian

Kira Dorrian

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Kira Dorrian, CHt, has singular expertise in helping clients to resolve phobias of all kinds, and she also specializes in freedom from unwanted habits — smoking, nail biting, hair pulling, to name a few.

Kira trained in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy through the Institute for Therapeutic Learning in Seattle, and is a Certified Childbirth Educator with the HypnoBirthing® Institute. Kira began her practice in London and is thrilled to now be working in her home town.

As a hypnotherapist, Kira finds it incredibly exciting to be a part of life changes for others, and never tires of watching people release old habits, fears, or past pain, giving them the tools to change for life. To learn more about Kira’s practice, visit her website:

Be in touch with Kira to work on habits, phobias, anxiety, confidence and motivation.


Tracy Adams

Tracy Adams

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tracy Adams, CHt, specializes in hypnotherapy for feeling better and doing better in your body. For insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, hypnotherapy can release problem patterns and retrain the mind and body to promote calm, rest, and comfort. For weight and eating issues, the process can help you create a new relationship with food, with your emotions, and your body. Tracy often works with clients for issues like migraine, IBS, quieting tremor of Parkinson’s, surgical preparation and recovery, and making the most of life throughout a difficult diagnosis.

In addition to health issues, Tracy loves working with athletes, dancers, and those who will benefit from increased focus, concentration, and confidence.

Tracy’s website: Contact Tracy for insomnia, anxiety, pain, weight loss, health and wellness, confidence and achievement.


Solution oriented, client-centered hypnotherapy.


“Looking to drop a couple decades-long habits, I found Kira via web search. In just two sessions, the first habit was gone (now going on nine months with no relapse). The second habit was more deeply seeded and tied to traumatic childhood events (over four decades ago). Kira was able to navigate this with me and in one and a half sessions, that habit has also been relegated to the history books. I’ve tried prescriptions, replacement/substitutes, aversion, and just about every other means of discontinuing the two habits with no luck previously. The work I did with Kira paid immediate dividends. I’ve worked with other hypnotherapists … and they were also good, but Kira’s style and demeanor were top notch … Thank you Kira.” B.H.

Food Choices

“I no longer find myself obsessing about what I eat, when I eat, or the choices I make, and no longer experience that internal bullying and negative self-talk. I find that I am much more confident and in control of how food impacts my personal well being and improved physical appearance. Thank you Tracy for the positive influence you’ve had on changing my life!” Patty

Nail Biting

“I had been a nail biter my entire life, but now that I own my own business I was starting to feel self-conscious. Kira was able to get to the root of my nail-biting and suggest an alternative habit in only one session! I really couldn’t believe that one hour could change my life but it did. I had never before considered hypnotherapy, but Kira is so thoughtful, friendly, and open that after meeting her a few times I knew I wanted to give it a try! I can’t recommend Kira more!” Michelle

Smoking Cessation

“I’d been smoking all of my adult life. All previous attempts to quit had begun with frustration and rage and ended with failure and resignation. I decided to give hypnotherapy a chance. In one session, Kira brought me to understand the reasons why I smoked and put me in a position where choosing not to was easy. Kira has great empathy and perception. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She made every part of our session feel safe and simple. I really thought I would never be able to quit smoking. And yet through this process not only did I stop but it was easy, simple, and without stress. It’s not magic, it’s Kira Dorrian. She is simply very good at what she does. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.” Mark


“Hi Tracy, Just as you said, my sleep has been getting better. This past week I slept through the night four times and woke just three. Of those three, I was able to get back to sleep quickly and I am now feeling rested and like a different person … thank you for everything you did to make this possible. You are an angel. All the best,” Steve


“I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. I’ve done extensive work that has helped me understand why I struggle in this way, but until meeting Tracy, I had not been able to make a shift towards actually changing the ongoing anxiety. I came to Tracy wanting to work on what I believed to be a fundamental inability to ever truly relax. At our very first session, I started noticing shifts not only in my awareness around relaxation but in supporting myself in ways that allowed relaxation to start happening. I feel not only much less anxiety, but to my surprise, more confidence and trust in myself. Alongside these positive results, working with Tracy herself is just a pleasure. In my work with her, she was so authentically caring and attuned to what I was trying to convey that there are times she was able to reflectively voice things in a way that resonated more closely with my experience than I have ever been able to voice myself! My heartfelt gratitude to her as I continue to slowly unwind from years of tension into a space that feels free and loving and full of possibility.” Melanie


“Kira is a talented, natural hypnotherapist. I had my doubts about whether or not I would “go under” but she made it such a comfortable experience it was easy. I felt very safe, and able to explore the deepest emotions I’ve ever been able to in therapy. She led me to visualize, connect, and confront in a way that has had tangible lasting effects. Previously troubled relationships (of 30+ years) are now healing, I feel energized and much, much happier than I have in a long time. I would highly recommend Kira, not only for her skill as a hypnotherapist but also as a caring, empathetic and grounded professional.” Cindy

Binge Eating

“Tracy is wonderful in all ways. We addressed a compulsive eating disorder I’d had since childhood in just three sessions. It’s been about two  years since we worked together and my life continues to be much happier due to her help.” I.H.

Weight Loss

“I was worried about finding the right hypnotherapist — but the doubts I had vanished after I started working with Tracy. Now I enjoy eating the right foods in the right amounts. Instead of my use of food as an ineffective stress remedy she gave me the tools to eliminate stress myself. I just got back from my annual check up and my cholesterol way down and I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’ve got more to lose but I’m not worrying about it at all- it’s just happening naturally.” Peter W.


“Kira is fantastic! I originally went to her for audition anxiety as well as one or two other issues. As we progressed through the first session, she uncovered so many more underlying issues and was completely unafraid to tackle them. Kira has a very calming presence about her and is able to reassure you that though the work you’re facing may be difficult at times, the end result is liberating. I now have new tools and resources to deal with difficult situations in my life, and I would absolutely recommend going to see her! Thank you Kira!” Kyle


“What a positive experience! I came to see Kira for a phobia that was controlling part of my life. Over the years I had learned to live with it, and until I talked to Kira I didn’t even realize it was a phobia or that it was something I could get rid of. Both of my sessions were a huge success. Not only am I free of the phobia but the energy it was consuming I am now using for something positive. Kira was so helpful, kind, accepting, caring, and professional. She is a true healer.” Ewa


“I came to see Tracy after my neurologist prescribed medical hypnosis. At the time I was 4 months pregnant and my migraines got significantly worse. I have a 25 year history of debilitating migraines. I was in pain 80-90% of the time with very limited choices for medications due to pregnancy.  I was desperate for relief, but somewhat skeptical. After talking to Tracy I knew that she REALLY understood the suffering of the person with a 25 year history of migraines. We started working together and in just 3 sessions I was nearly pain free and equipped with tools to manage pain should it appear. As a result, I am able to eliminate pain in the very beginning before it becomes unmanageable.  And I have not been taking any meds ever since I started my sessions with Tracy. I am able to work and function and do all that I need to do in a normal day.” Anastasia

Public Speaking

“I had a fear of public speaking. Kira gently helped me discover the cause of my fear and overcome it. Amazingly, it only took 3 sessions to conquer a fear I’ve dealt with since childhood. I now have an incredible sense of freedom and confidence that I didn’t have before, not only regarding public speaking but my life in general. Kira is a true professional. She got right to the important issues that led to my rapid progress. Thanks Kira!” Anna

Fear of Heights

“A fear of heights is okay, but I had a totally excessive, irrational fear. A relative suggested hypnotherapy; I looked online and found Kira. She was amazing. After the first session, Kira said I should go up the Space Needle — I’d been up there just once before but had not be able to go onto the outer deck. This time, I went up, and walked around the outer deck, looked down, everything was fine. A couple of months later, I went up a 6,500-foot cable car ride in CA, something I could never have done before. Thank you Kira!” Ian


“Tracy’s hypnotherapy sessions were nothing short of transformational for me. Each one different, each one tailored to meet me, exactly as I was on the day of my appointment. I appreciated how much Tracy was interested in learning precisely how I responded to hypnotherapy, she was able to think on her feet, innovate and match even my most challenging stuck places with a contagious kind of enthusiasm. It’s such a joy to have someone use a skill with you that they are clearly made to excel in. As a result of her sessions I have moved big blocks to starting my own business and now I am on a roll!  Whenever someone asks me how it’s going I can’t help but bring up Tracy and her work with me.  I truly believe I have her to thank for all this!” Becka