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Tracy Barrett Adams

Tracy Barrett Adams

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tracy Barrett Adams, CHt, specializes in medical hypnosis, with a focus on insomnia, anxiety, pain, and childbirth. Tracy often works with clients on issues like migraine, IBS, quieting tremor of Parkinson’s, surgical preparation and recovery, and making the most of life with a difficult diagnosis.

Keridwyn Deller

Keridwyn Deller

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Keridwyn Deller, CHt, specializes in helping clients create positive change around anxieties (general and specific), self-confidence/self-talk, motivation, heartbreak, and habits.

Tracy focuses her practice on health related issues like pain, insomnia, fertility, digestion, and creating a healthy relationship among the body, the emotions, and food.

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Keridwyn is expert at working through situational fears and anxieties (phobias), recovering from heartbreak, and relief from habits like smoking and nail biting.

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Solution oriented, client-centered hypnotherapy.


“I worked with Tracy to prepare and recover from total knee replacement surgery.  She helped me to feel calm and centered as I approached the surgery date, and to help with healing and pain after surgery.  I listened to her several times a day to help my body reduce inflammation and lessen pain at the surgery site. Tracy’s amazing specialized recordings were the trick to get me to reduce my pain and anxiety while healing.  I owe a great debt to her for her help.  I highly recommend Tracy for this kind of work.“ Kathie


“I came to see Tracy after my neurologist prescribed medical hypnosis. At the time I was 4 months pregnant and my migraines got significantly worse. I have a 25 year history of debilitating migraines. I was in pain 80-90% of the time with very limited choices for medications due to pregnancy.  I was desperate for relief, but somewhat skeptical. After talking to Tracy I knew that she REALLY understood the suffering of the person with a 25 year history of migraines. We started working together and in just 3 sessions I was nearly pain free and equipped with tools to manage pain should it appear. As a result, I am able to eliminate pain in the very beginning before it becomes unmanageable.  And I have not been taking any meds ever since I started my sessions with Tracy. I am able to work and function and do all that I need to do in a normal day.” Anastasia

Food Choices

“I no longer find myself obsessing about what I eat, when I eat, or the choices I make, and no longer experience that internal bullying and negative self-talk. I find that I am much more confident and in control of how food impacts my personal well being and improved physical appearance. Thank you Tracy for the positive influence you’ve had on changing my life!” Patty

Binge Eating

“Tracy is wonderful in all ways. We addressed a compulsive eating disorder I’d had since childhood in just three sessions. It’s been about two  years since we worked together and my life continues to be much happier due to her help.” I.H.


“Hi Tracy, Just as you said, my sleep has been getting better. This past week I slept through the night four times and woke just three. Of those three, I was able to get back to sleep quickly and I am now feeling rested and like a different person … thank you for everything you did to make this possible. You are an angel. All the best,” Steve


“I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. I’ve done extensive work that has helped me understand why I struggle in this way, but until meeting Tracy, I had not been able to make a shift towards actually changing the ongoing anxiety. I came to Tracy wanting to work on what I believed to be a fundamental inability to ever truly relax. At our very first session, I started noticing shifts not only in my awareness around relaxation but in supporting myself in ways that allowed relaxation to start happening. I feel not only much less anxiety, but to my surprise, more confidence and trust in myself. Alongside these positive results, working with Tracy herself is just a pleasure. In my work with her, she was so authentically caring and attuned to what I was trying to convey that there are times she was able to reflectively voice things in a way that resonated more closely with my experience than I have ever been able to voice myself! My heartfelt gratitude to her as I continue to slowly unwind from years of tension into a space that feels free and loving and full of possibility.” Melanie

Weight Loss

“I was worried about finding the right hypnotherapist — but the doubts I had vanished after I started working with Tracy. Now I enjoy eating the right foods in the right amounts. Instead of my use of food as an ineffective stress remedy she gave me the tools to eliminate stress myself. I just got back from my annual check up and my cholesterol way down and I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’ve got more to lose but I’m not worrying about it at all- it’s just happening naturally.” Peter W.


“Tracy’s hypnotherapy sessions were nothing short of transformational for me. Each one different, each one tailored to meet me, exactly as I was on the day of my appointment. I appreciated how much Tracy was interested in learning precisely how I responded to hypnotherapy, she was able to think on her feet, innovate and match even my most challenging stuck places with a contagious kind of enthusiasm. It’s such a joy to have someone use a skill with you that they are clearly made to excel in. As a result of her sessions I have moved big blocks to starting my own business and now I am on a roll!  Whenever someone asks me how it’s going I can’t help but bring up Tracy and her work with me.  I truly believe I have her to thank for all this!” Becka

Nail Biting & Picking

“I went to see Keridwyn late summer for a lifelong bad habit of picking/biting my nails. She immediately made me feel comfortable and has the most wonderful, empathetic demeanor. Before we met, she was transparent in giving me an idea how many sessions it might take. After just the first session, I experienced immediate positive results. There were some very interesting, synergistic things that came out of our session. The second session locked things in, and here I am, three months later (in which time, I had a very traumatic experience that could have set me back) and my nails are great and I have no inclination to revert. I recommended her to a friend who also had very positive results. I wouldn’t hesitate to see her again to help with other issues.” P.G.


“Everything about my experience with Keridwyn was amazing!  I realized quickly that Keridwyn was a great fit for me.  I’ve had no prior experience with hypnotherapy, and she immediately made me feel very comfortable.  I came to Keridwyn to help myself quit smoking.  She explained how hypnotherapy works, and what exactly our session would entail.  My experience with Keridwyn was comfortable, relaxed, gentle, and empowering.  Her techniques reinforced themes of loving yourself, and self-empowerment.  I have successfully quit smoking, and it has been about two weeks now.  I am very confident that I am forever now a non-smoker.  Not only did I quit, but I’m feeling closer to myself than I ever have before.  Thank you so much Keridwyn for guiding me into the “new” me!” KatiRose C.

Moving Past Blocks

“Keridwyn came at just the right time. I had been stuck at some points with my business. Her warm presence makes it easy to relax and trust the process. We unearthed some unconscious emotional blockages that we’re getting in my way. I love that she gives structure for continuing the new pattern outside of the session. I can happily say, less than 2 months later, my business has taken some leaps. Can’t wait to continue with more sessions. It’s like a tune-up for the less visible parts of the psyche that hold us back.” Lisa


“I was plagued with anxieties that were bi products of past relationships. They were making me miserable, I was saying yes to things I didn’t want to do. I felt obligated all the time. My happiness and fulfillment were constantly taking a hit from these anxieties. I felt not good enough. I was desperate to change how much power these anxieties had over me. I was really ready for change but I didn’t know how to get it. Working with Keridwyn was a game changer for me! She asked me about my goals and wanted me to be specific. I decided I wanted to work on self doubt as our first target…. After our session so many things began to change for me. The negative self talk I had daily battles with began to unplug. It’s power over me and my decisions started to change in big ways! I feel amazed by how much progress I made and how gentile of a process it was. I am looking forward to exploring hypnotherapy with Keridwyn and exploring this tool for myself. I’m super excited!” Joy